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Kadim Kumru: Our aim is to show the world what we can do as a nation

Kadim Chemistry Chairman of the board of directors Kadim Kumru, He made an explanation to Habergold.com. He told Habergold with the details of the last days of Kadim Chemistry
As more finishing and plating, according to situation and structure, Kumru who said that they were producing machines, He said that it is to show the world what we will do as the nation and gave information about the processes of Kadim chemistry.
He said that he has a large employee team, everyone works in self-sacrifice at the firm, everyone knows his job very well.
Kadim Kumru, who said that the company is in a number of places in Turkey, said that they are addressing the whole world with their products and that we are showing the world what the Muslim Turkish people can do in the world.

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