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We aim at abroad, after internal market

14 July 2013 12:19 Kategori Firmalar
One of the incorporators of Astro Gold, Bülent Demir has been in this sector for almost 25 years. Demir said their aim is to reach each customer as they can in foreign and inland market with qualified products and for this reason they are in intense labour. " It is benefical for us to gain as much as share in market. Certainly we struggle for this. Now we are busy with it.” ha said

For instance, we try to go to every part of Anatolia. We wander about from ward to ward and from village to village if it's required. We try to promote our products to everyone. We are absolutely in east and west regions. We manifacture both waterways and stone set of 22 and 14 carats and moreover we produce 22 carats of them. We are assertive in quality and try to transmit them to people.

It's hard to forecast what our share in the market is now but we market all our goods we manifacture.
As far as I suppose, we are at about 60 percent as marketing... Namely 40 percent is required. We have kept at this. We interfere a bit. We struggle for gaining 100 percent. Our team is so qualified, our friends are so good and we believe that we will accomplish this job with these friends.

Our priority is abroad but if Allah grants we desire to reach our internal aims at first.

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