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Vardarlı, The Key of Success Institutionalization

27 January 2014 00:35 Kategori Firmalar
The owner of the Elmas Jewelry Elmas Vardarlı shared with us his thoughts and recommendations about the improvement of the sector.

Problems will be solved spontaneously

I think the development of the sector may be available via institutionalization. If we achieve this, the problems of the sector will be solved spontaneously. Companies will upgrade themselves by regulating their relationships and communication seriously with the sector and government. This will be accompanied by brandization and development. This achievement on the basis of company will primarily contribute surely the sector of jewelry and than the national economy.

Virtuous Companies will carry the sector through

Pieces form the whole. If the pieces come together systematically, the whole remain standing with a strong base. So, our sector is a whole and the companies form every single pieces of the whole. Companies' keeping up the current circumstances and prefer brandization will provide their continity and success. Virtuous companies having a certain system will develop the sector and carry it through by coming together. So the troubles of the sector will be solved and minimized.

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