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Turkey's Ishakoglu beefs up offerings

26 January 2014 23:58 Kategori Agenda
Ishakoglu of Turkey has launched two lightweight 18-karat gold jewellery collections and a silver jewellery range at the Hong Kong International Show, which opened on March 5.

"The pieces may look heavy but they are lightweight," company executive Ahmet Dulger told JNA, noting that such items will appeal to buyers looking for high-quality jewellery with lower price points.

The Zer Collection showcases an open-work design seemingly inspired by architectural domes, while the In Vision Collection features floral designs highlighted by very fine details.

The two gold collections were created using special machines, Dulger said, noting that Ishakoglu manufactures gold jewellery from 8 karats and above.

The silver jewellery range, meanwhile, is another effort of the company to adapt to rising gold prices and attract a wider range of buyers.

"We hope to do good business in the show, as well as meet new contacts and expand our business,” said Dulger, who oversees the Asia-Pacific market. "Part of our ongoing strategy is to exhibit twice in Hong Kong, one in March and another in September, to widen our market reach."

The Middle East and Europe are Ishakoglu’s major markets. In the Asia-Pacific, it mainly serves Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. The company employs 150 staff in its factory in Kuyumcukent, Istanbul.
Ishakoglu will also be exhibiting at the Istanbul Jewelry Show scheduled for March 21 to 24.

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