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Turgut, We are the Assembly of all Turkey

22 September 2013 13:17 Kategori Jeweller city
The member of Istanbul Chamber of Trade Jewelry Commitee and Assembly, Cemal Turgut, spoke to Habergold.com about the vision of the commitee and the upcoming elections.

Supporting a Side is Impossible for Us

Turgut said " We are the assembly of all jewelry in Istanbul, it's impossible for us to support a person or company. Everybody must be aware of this and act accordingly. We are on duty to represent whole Istanbul and to serve them. We won't be a side and will warn the others not to be.”

To Solve Everything lnstantly is not Easy

Moreover, " As commitee, our aim is to supply the needs of all Istanbul jewelry and deficiencies of the companies and to help them. So it is beneficial for both country economy and sector. Our prior problem is the troubles about our relationship with mint. We wish to solve this. We will fulfil the needs of all jewelry and stores if we get support from Istanbul Chamber of Trade. We project to develop the department of education about the deficiencies about the diamond and stone. We have a number of dificiencies like that. But it is not easy to solve them instantly. We do our best.” he went on his speech.

We will Have Projects

" Istanbul Chamber of Trade doesn't help any commitee financially. We will have projects about our problems and wishes and relying on this we will have demands from Istanbul Chamber of Trade. Our negotiations go on recently. We work on the problem.” he added.

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