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Trademark of jewelry

10 November 2012 16:19 Kategori Yazarlar

Adem Aydın

I’m pleased to meet you dear habergold readers. From now on, humbly I’ll try to share my various opinions on thoughts from this column. Let me introduce you shortly; I’m the general manager of Ersoy Alyans. Graduated from Dumlupinar University Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, History department.

I’ve been taking part in the jewelry sector since about 1990. I took charge in production, wholesaling and marketing positions in this company. I’ll reserve my first article to branding issue for the purpose of adding something positive to the sector.

The jewelry is a self-enclosed sector, inside which there is a great deal of potential. No one knows how big deals are overcome actually by some companies those are unknown except to those who are inside the sector. The budget that the sector saves to branding and advertisement is just like the walking of a crawling baby.

We expect aim big achievements with a small budget. We are always amateur. We couldn’t become professionalized as other sectors. Have always been in need of appointing directors to advertise us. They told us to do so, and we did so. More and more this is changing.

Before; company owners had an idea that they didn’t need branding thanks to hasty and bright budget of jewelry sector as they thought, " I’m already selling, and there are buyers”. Nevertheless the haste brought by globalization, made everybody accept that the world is just a "click” distance away from them.

For this reason the companies who held their brand value high are making hot sales by means of their "names” from now on. One of the effective ways to increase its brand value is to advertise at the right time. To specify the target group and to create advertisements towards them. The jewelry sector has just realized this truth and started newly to perform.

It is hard to tell that it is being performed exactly. This is because, even KUYUMCUKENT where plenty of producers and stores are located in, is unkown to people; set aside the people, it has become a place not familiar to sector members. It is told that " any publicity is good publicity” then I would like to advertise the Kuyumcukent at this column. Kuyumcukent, notably clean in comparison to Kapalıçarşı but lacking historic fabric, awaits its wholesaler and retailer customers………

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