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Sürücü, Grand Bazaar Unique in the World

22 September 2013 13:20 Kategori The Grand Bazaar
Nergis Sürücü is one of the numbered female store keepers, spending 22 years here, protecting the history and the cultural texture of Grand Bazaar, approaching the problems sensitively. She represents Grand Bazaar and the sector as the first female member of Istanbul Chamber of Trade Jewelry Commitee.

Moreover, she maintains a successful and sensitive stance as appearing actively in many platforms as the member of Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges Provincial Female Enterpreneurs Commitee, Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges Provincial Young Enterpreneurs and the Head of Education Commitee. We had a conversation with her as Habergold.com and adressed a few questions.

"What will you say to evaluate the improvement of Grand Bazaar from past to present ?”
I was affected by the specific structure of Grand Bazaar when I started to work in 90's. I mention about the times when there was the concept of "my word is bond”. This concept was peculiar for Grand Bazaar. But even then, when I listened the old times, our elders told the bazaar became bad in terms of cultural and socially. Today, the situation is worse and now some changeovers must be done. Grand Bazaar is unique in the world and we must appreciate it.

What are your suggestions as changeovers?

Before, the tourists came Istanbul at certain months but now it changed. Tourists come whole year. Moreover, we must care for domestic tourist beside foreign tourist activities. But in recent years, appearing of some irritative salesmen around Grand Bazaar, the problem of parking, the uncared toilets and the most important of all decreasing of the quality of the salers in the bazaar cause the domestic tourist not coming to the bazaar. As these circumstances are made better, not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists are welcomed with better environmet.

What are your thoughts about the formation of Jewelry City?

When it was began to be built in the first years, some promotions were held to sell stores for the traders of the bazaar. It was said the workshops would be moved there. But as far as I remember, the salers didn't lean to this. As I mention, the Grand Bazaar is unique in the world, I think there is no alternative for the Grand Bazaar. This includes the shopping centres concerning retailing. There is steady coordination and settlement. Noone can break this chain. Jewelry City may be an area of the companies doing international exportation will structure. It is not possible for the workshops we have to be in close contact to be moved there.

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