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Rising star: Firouzeh by Touran Reddaway

27 October 2012 19:35 Kategori Highlights

Touran Reddaway has been conjuring up beautiful jewellery since the tender age of eight


Touran Reddaway’s gift for design no doubt begins with natural ability, but it has also been cultivated through an upbringing of foreign travel and exposure to different cultures and materials.

Reddaway, who is 24, studied European history at university in Ireland and does not have any formal training in jewellery. However, her background suggests an inevitability to the blossoming of her career in jewellery design, which in some ways is still in its infancy, having officially started in March last year following
her studies.


Reddaway’s relationship with design began much earlier though, in childhood, with her Iranian mother’s love of jewellery. "From an early age I wanted to design pieces for my mum to wear,” reflects Reddaway. Her brand’s name - Firouzeh - combines her mother’s family name with the word for turquoise in the Iranian language Farsi.

Reddaway’s childhood designs were brought to life thanks to a goldsmith friend of her mother’s who helped to create the pieces Reddaway thought up from as early as eight years old. Despite her young age, the goldsmith was very honest with Reddaway, telling her what would and wouldn’t work. The goldsmith, who is from a family of goldsmiths and is now based in Turkey, still works with Reddaway, making her designs using the likes of filigree and granulation techniques to create pieces with contemporary flair. "I like creating pieces with high-end materials,” says Reddaway. "I think you have to be able to ensure the quality of what you make.”

Although her pieces are brought to life by skilled hands in Turkey, Reddaway sources the materials used herself, travelling to Turkey to find the quality she seeks, while also enjoying the country’s rich history and incorporating it into her designs.



A fascination with historical events means that Reddaway’s European history studies are integral to her jewellery, which is often inspired by historical happenings and museum pieces. "I like jewellery having a story and taking inspiration from old themes, such as the Gardens of Babylon. I make sure the pieces are contemporary and wearable,” explains Reddaway.

Her inspiration also comes from experiences growing up. Reddaway’s British father’s work for the foreign office meant she grew up travelling to various countries, including Argentina, India, Canada and Iran before studying at university.


She lived in each location for up to four years, absorbing the culture and jewellery penchants. The colourful experiences have had a lot of influence on Reddaway’s designs.

"I enjoyed the Inca jewellery in Argentina and the beautiful stones in India,” she says.

Firouzeh jewellery is made predominantly from 18ct gold. The rich yellow colour is particularly in keeping with the current consumer appetite for metals that exude a warmth. "I think gold looks good on any skin tone,” Reddaway says. "I’ve never seen anyone who it doesn’t suit.”



As the world becomes smaller thanks to the ease of travel, artists have a richer, more varied palette at their reach. Having grown up with a greater taste of what the world has to offer than most, designer Reddaway is using her experience of far-flung places with exciting results.

Whose work do you admire most in the industry?
H Stern is one of my favourite jewellery brands. Stern is also one of the first jewellers
I came across when I was quite young, which really inspired me.
How would you describe your style?It changes considerably depending on my mood. Sometimes I go for a really classic look with just a simple pair of pearl earrings. Other times I like to wear bold statement pieces. My style definitely centres around yellow gold.
What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be a jewellery designer?Work hard and keep up the determination.
What one piece of your jewellery should retailers stock?Personally I think retailers should stock my Pomegranate set. It is a very charming and happy set and it can be worn with anything.


What one piece of your jewellery should consumers buy?I think this must depend on each person’s style. My Byzantine Angel is a very special piece and I think that it touches the hearts of many people.



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