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Nusret Altınbaş, "We should produce new designs focusing on the goal."

31 October 2012 22:49 Kategori Highlights

Istanbul International Jewellery, Watch and Materials Fair "ISTANBUL JEWELLERY SHOW OCTOBER 2012” carried out with a great success between 4- 7 October 2012 in İstanbul Fair Centre by UBM Rotaforte. The fair that is named as the meeting platform of jewellery industry, brought together the prominents of the sector with more than 10.000 new and different products in 22.000 square meters for the 35. times is the most important trade bridge of Europe and Middle East. We present the short interview given by Nusret Altınbaş one of the leading names of of the sector and the member of Altınbaş Holding Company Board Management and The Board Chair of Jewellery.


Up till now how is the fair going on. Can we learn your ideas?

The fair is extremely good. It is a successful work. Whether fair organisation or companies have worked so good. We are pleased with the fair up till now.


Comparing the previous fairs with the current fairs, how is the progress of the current one?

I see more presentable and well- organised prior to the fair. Everybody is focused on their work and knows their business. I hope we will specialize more. We and our artisan friends will improve our business more.

As company, what sort of plans do you have fort the future?

To concentrate on our goal, to define the goal clearly, to make progress towards our goal.


As you are one of the few companies of Turkey, could you explain briefly the economic situation throughout Turkey recently?


As we are from the sector, perhaps the evaluation Turkey may be a bit different. But we are so good as a sector. Either our works are excellent as company or I perceive that everybody is focused on their professions and open to new ideas, knows what will they do, produces new designs and takes orders in the form of sector.

Thank you.

Thanks, and you too.

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