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Nil Jewelry start breaking ground of 2014

29 September 2013 18:44 Kategori Agenda

The owner of Nil Jewelry Murat Kodaz made some explanations to Habergold.com and said, Nil Jewelry has started breaking ground of 2014. We bought a new store in Jewelry City. We develop our shop. We increase the capacity.

Our portfolio of customer has become wider. We have grown day by day. Thanks to Allah, we are in good working order, people trust us as they become familiar with us. We trust more and people demand to work with us.
Our other branch is in Thrace. I can say that we do business with almost %80 of Thrace. We haven't opened up to general of Turkey. We are mainly in the Marmara region. Our aim is not to spread everywhere at the same time. As the portfolio of the customer is young, so the workload increases. Workload isn't enough in a small area. So it's a trouble for both the customers and me and the workers. Now some certain steps must be taken to increase this. At first, to reach customers easier and faster, we bought a new store. So we will increse the capacity of production, and reach more people. The more we have easy production, the more we grow. If Allah lets, we will enter into service in our new store in 2014.

Priority is domestic market because the goods we produce doesn't appeal to abroad market. Our products are used by Turkish people. There are Turks in Europe but as the generation changes they do not like the bracelet like here in Turkey. People think what will they do with bracelet, they want to wear necklace. The youngs or newly- wed couples only use it for means of investment. But now in the countryside, bracelet is still given more importance.
We increase our aims as reaching more people via producing more and more different models in cleaner, wider and decent places. So, that's just the way it is and Allah knows what will be the upcoming economical situation.

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