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Mustafa Dolmacı; "Our only wish, everybody run their own business"

14 March 2013 23:11 Kategori Highlights

Mustafa Dolmacı, keeping the leading of association for two years, started this business in 1973. Dolmacı has been running this business and also acting as chairman successfully in Jewelry Bazaar for 40 years. He made a speech for "Habergold.com” and gave information about elections in February and the sector of gold and jewelry.

Also, Dolmacı gave informations about the future of the sector; " We have elections bi yearly. The bazaar is nice but since the gold prices don't decrease, we have a bit slack business. I think the reason of this slacknes, the rumours about the exporting from Iran again; if it is so, the gold prices will increase again. The agreement has been managed with Greece, the agreement of"IMG” may be affected. We perform our best as an association of Konya. There is a team consisting of 7 association responsibles, we service best with this responsibles. We collect reports from the artisans each month. We always follow the market of Konya.” he said.

"Moreover, more people come Konya to sell gold than the other cities. Before we analyze the samples and then we let them come out. Generally, Konya people are fond of 24 and 14 carats gold. 8 carats gold is not preferred much. But it is preferred in İstanbul and İzmir. Every firm promoted but Konya people don't prefer low carats gold. The quick effect of the global crisis is always on gold market. Now, securing the value of gold is only by Middle East countries. Smuggled gold coming from east is not concern of Konya. Before Konya, come other developed cities. I took participate in a fair in Gaziantep in east but I have never heard of this matter. We know smuggled golds come from Syria but they are not embroidered. We guess they come as gold bullions.” saying the chamber of the Association of Jewelry of Konya Mustafa Dolmacı went on his words; "The labour of Kahramanmaraş is leading but Konya will make a name for this way. As of now, we have 17 workshops. The workshops in Konya work on bracelet and wedding-ring. Although as association we attempted, there was no demand and the sector of Konya don't give importance to exporting, they only put emphasis on domestic market.

Exporting is achieved better in Jewelry City in İstanbul and Kahramanmaraş. Jewellery City of Konya is sufficient for Konya people. But, gold firm coming as enterprising can survive. Firms come from İzmir and Ankara. Konya, as industrial sector, competes against Turkey and even the whole world. I believe such development will happen in time. Also, we lose our works due to the stimulations of the banks. The only matter jewelleries are expected to care is the carats of gold.

As we get our business moving, pos machine came out and troubled us seriously. The most important thing is banks' taking scrap gold, that they take and pay with "TL”. We only wish everybody run their own business. We earn money from scrap golds as jewelleries. Banks have gold days as women. Golds are already not given as present in weddings. Gold account is opened in the name of bride and groom and the account card is given to them. This situation makes the end of the artisans. Though it seems as an advantage in terms of customers, they will end the artisans 10 years later.” he said.

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