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Kuyumtime Magazine takes jewellers' pulse for years..

17 February 2013 22:09 Kategori Highlights
Kuyumtime sectoral monthly magazine showing activity in the jeweler sector, is being prepared to pace into its 6th year in publication. As "habergold.com” we talked about their works to Necati Aydoğdu, the owner of the magazine of Kuyumtime of 6th years, being known by the sector of jewelry.

When is your broadcast life begin?

Broadcast life of our magazine took start in 2007. I took place in several workspaces in this sector since I know myself. With the coming new year, our magazine will be of 6th years.

What is the total circulation of your magazine and where is it been delivered?

Our magazine is published 5000 numbers regularly every month. Kuyumtime is a sectoral magazine reaching its readers strictly especially in terms of delivery and rich content. I give so much importance to delivery. Our magazine is delivered personally to jewelery addresses to many cities in Turkey by a professional distribution agency. I and my team visit 16 provinces in person to check whether they reach properly to the right addresses, give importance to them. So the firms advertising via our magazine can reach their target audiences easily.

How do you compose the content of yor magazine?
Editors, experienced editors of the years and working in this sector for long years, is the head of our magazine. They and their teams set monthly working programme with regular planning each month. We carry a number of different news to our pages as interviews with esteemed artists, promoting nice regions of our coutry, the news of firms and the events presenting the journal of that month in the sector.

What are the targets of Kuyumtime in the near future?

We aim at widening the distrubition ways of our magazine. We aim at increasing the nuımber of shopping malls, famous hairdressers and five star hotels, our new distrubition ways we start in the new publishing period. Kuyumtime will getting ahead to the future via always protecting the principle of working in accordance with ethicc rules and the sense of principled and objective journalism.


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