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Jewelry success of Aydın University; The Collection of Turkish Legends

02 November 2012 07:07 Kategori World

Istanbul Aydın Unversity, the Head of Jewellery Programme of Jewelry design Teaching Staff İlteriş Çatalbaş gave speech to Habergold.com: "We have a 2 year programme named Jewelry and Jewelry design. We have nearly 72 students on average.”he said and informed us briefly what they have done: " This "The Collection of Turkish Legends” is a work of 8 months and is produced by our students. The phase of design took time for 4 months. And producing was carried on for 4 months. It was all drawn by means of computer, produced with machines. Then our students made all the work by using our workbenches, smoothing, polishing…”

Moreover, Çatalbas said that university and department are in touch with different sectors and went on " There is a cooperation with Kuyumcukent(Jewelry City) and Grand Bazaar. We send our students to training course once a week. Every company may come and demand for trainee. We have enough students. The students are ready to be trained directly. We wait for the support of companies.”

On the other hand, Istanbul Aydın Unversity, the Head of Jewellery Programme of Jewelry design Teaching Staff İlteriş Çatalbas gave information about the future plans about the issue: " As the world was being created, there as 3 fish to balance it. This is The Legend of Creation. Legend of Ergenekon, Nationalist Forces, Çanakkale, Legeng of Tureyis and Su…We try to manipulate all legends bofore and after Islam.

Turkish Legends has not been undertaken so far… We always clutch the firsts. We have one more theme, one more collection. We call them Turkish Culture Series. It has started with Turkish Legends Collection.We will keep going with Anatolian Folk Songs. We will fulfil this collection within 4 months. We will convert folk songs of the seven region into jeweller. Finally, our advice for sector and corporations interested in the issue; they give importance to education. They give their all support to trainees. This is our sole demand…”

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