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Jewelry City in the centre of Turkey but cannot be reached!..

17 February 2013 22:28 Kategori Firmalar

In the explanations Uğur Topaloğlu, opening one of the biggest 8 carats gold store of Turkey
in Jewelry City, said that; "We opened the biggest 8 carats store of Turkey. The reason of our opening 8 carats store is decrease in the buying of the people due to the increase of gold and people's directing to some other alternative products, having the same quality and color 8 carats gold has less gold ration than 14 carats, so 8 carats gold has less price than 14 carats gold.” expressing their entrance into the sector so and continued his speech: " We are satisfied with Jewelry City.

Jewelry City will develop day by day and via the sources being gained soon, underground will reach Jewelry City. It is a formation will be happened in later days... When this formation is come into being, Jewelry City will promote itself... As people reach Jewelry City smoothly, the desire for Jewelry City will increase.” he said.

Moreover, as Jewelry City is promoted nicely, it will become one of the favourite places in Turkey and centre of jewelry. Instead of free of charge services being talked today, if the underground reaces the Jewelry City for instance, Ataköy station, Yenibosna Station, airport station and then it will be Jewelry City station. And the underground will pass to Güneşli, Halkalı, İkitelli and farther... Thus,Jewelry City will be an underground station so people will come especially for Jewelry City as there is no business centre about it. So, if ten thousands people come Jewelry City, then a hundred thousands people come via this station. Meanwhile K-Jewelry City will promote itself by transportation. When transportation come Jewelry City, here will be numerous gold production, buying and selling centre.” he said.

Also, I recommend the people that haven't come Jewelry City to come. Because, the most trendy and newest models are being produced in Jewelry City. The reason of this is the decision of municipality and the government about Grand Bazaar's being a touristic attraction. The ancient places taking the attention of tourists will be restored and also made an area of hotels... As stores and manifacturing will be diredted to Jewelry City, then it will be difficult to find space in Jewelry City in the future. I mean in terms of workshops. If the stores in Grand Bazaar move their acencies to Jewelry City, in the future the agencies may be changed into stores. Since it is whereabout the airport, the foreigners will pass and see Jewelry City via teleferic system. They will shop, go to airport , board his plane and back to his house and country.

In my opinion, Jewelry City is in a right centre” he said.

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