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Jewellery an elite and honourable job in Düziçi

21 December 2012 23:33 Kategori Turkey Jewelry
The owner of Olcay Jewelry Muhammet Olcay was born in Çerçioğlu Village, Düziçi Country of Osmaniye. He studied primary and secondary school in Osmaniye, and studied Harran Vocational High School. He work as a map technician in private firms for 10 years after graduation. He entered the sector of jewelry in 2000 via suggestions of his friends.

"I didn't have any experience in jewelry so far.” he said and continued: " First I did research about the sector. I went to Grand Bazaar and did pre- survey about the sector. Then I had a course of Jewelry for 3 months and got into swing with the name of Olcay Jewelry in Düziçi Refik Cesur Boulevard. ”

"Due to being a distinguished and reliable family, we took step into the jewelry sector and we are here with the help of this confidence. We have kept going in this profession with the support of our friends and customers since we founded the firm, althogh we had difficulties on account of the low gold prices and then the high prices on the base of TL after 2005, time brought us in this position by putting our feet down.” he said.

" Jewelery is an elite and honorable profession. We are trying to go above and beyond this task. The sector haven't lost its activity as most of our people invest in gold. In Düziçi, even the villagers invest so much in gold. The interest is great especially in quarter, half and all republic golds named as ismet liras.”said Olcay, due to low salaries, left over special design golds, low-labour cost golds catch interest and the reason for this is people think of gold as a means of investment and they run to the gold with low-lost at the time of sale.

" In our district, yumurta başı(top of egg), classical Adana bracelet, bracelet without key, wedding-ring, earrings and rings are mostly prefered but kinds of 14 and 18 carats gold are not prefered as high- lost at the time of sale due to being low- carats.”

Olcay said the jewelery is mostly retailer sale in Düziçi, and this causes the jewelers present low- profitable products on frame.

Olcay continued his speech: "In our district, couples desiring for marry wish gold in 3 phase. Different kinds of gold is bought in commitment, engagement and wedding. During commitment groom's family buy engagement ring, earrings, watch and if they have opportunity a couple of bracelet. Brides's family buy ring, watch or wristband for groom. Groom's family spend between1500- 2000 TL, bride's family spend between 500- 700TL. For engagement, groom's family buy a set and bracelet appropriate for their budget(expense around 8- 10 billion TL) for bride , bride's family buy wristband for groom and bracelet for bride (expense around 4-5 billion TL). For wedding, groom's family's expense is a ring and to make the bride get off the wedding car a bracelet bought by groom's mother and father. It's amount is around 2000 to 3000 TL.”

Except wedding after harvesting time, it is invested on gold, said Olcay and this time starts after May and continues till the end of the year. Except for this, gold is bought on the special days Mother's Day, Valentina's Day and wedding anniversary even it's not too much.

Olcay said that the jewelers in Düziçi mostly do business with Adana, Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep. " We provide varieties of bracelet from the jewelers in Adana, varieties like ring, earring and wedding ring from the retailers from Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep. We haven't trade with Grand Bazaar. It is about the handicaps transportation, safety and matter of time. Delivery in a short time especially in one- piece products so Grand Bazaar is not preferred so much.” he added.

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