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World Jewelry Industry will be meeting up in Istanbul Jewelry Show for the 46th time on March 22th – 25th, 2018!

04 January 2018 00:09 Kategori Agenda

Organized by UBM RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş., the Turkey office of UBM Asia which is the biggest exhibition organizer in the Asian continent, and recognized as the 5th biggest international jewelry exhibition in the world, Istanbul Jewelry Show, will be bringing together the professionals of the jewelry industry for the 46th time. At the exhibition which will be held at CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Center between 22 – 25March 2018. As part of the International Buyer Delegation Program, 1.500 buyers from the target countries of the jewelry industry will be hosted at the exhibition as well. Master and young jewelry designers will be showcase their’ latest designs at Designer Market!

Istanbul Jewelry Show which is world’s 5th biggest and Turkey’s first and only specialized international jewelry exhibition, will be organized by UBM RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş. which has 33 years of experience in this venue at CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Center between 22-25March 2018.

The exhibition will be featuring over 1.250 local and international jewelry companies and brands representing a wide range of product groups and sectors including gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver accessories and silver household items, gold mounters, refinery, watches, molds, shop window decorations, machinery and equipment side industry, safes, software, and logistics and lighting product groups. The exhibitors will be showcasing their special products and collections to around 28.000 professionals of the sector that will come from over 110 countries.

Turkish jewelry industry continues its rapid growth!
Turkey is among the top five countries in terms of gold jewelry production in the world and is seen by world jewelry authorities as the most powerful rival of Italy. Total gold jewelry exports which was only at 2,8 million USD in 1992, reached 3,67 billion USD in 2016. Again according to figures from 2016, Turkey ranks second after Italy in Europe in gold jewelry production including scrap usage, and ranks fourth in the world after China, India and Italy. Turkey, which ranks number one in Europe and third in the world in scrap gold jewelry production, has moved up to the position of eleventh biggest jewelry exporter of the world. Also, Turkey has became number one on mounting manufacture in the world.

The buyer delegations are coming from 65 countries for Istanbıl Jewelry Show!
The exhibition features an "International Buyer Delegation Program” coordinated with support from the Ministry of Economy of Turkish Republic and organized by General Secretary of IMMIB-Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association, Jewelry Exporters’ Association (JTR) and UBM Rotaforte with the goal of supporting exports, finding new markets and preserving the market share. As part of the program 1.500 buyers of the sector from Europe, Middle East, America, North Africa and Far East will be host at the exhibition. The business meetings to be held during the course of the exhibition are expected to generate around 80% of Turkey’s jewelry exports in the coming term.

Master and Young jewelry designers will be on Designer Market!
The Design Market which is organized by Jewelry Exporters’ Association of Turkey (JTR) during the Istanbul Jewelry Show, master and young jewelry designers will bring together on the same platform. The Designer Market, which is specially created in the fair area, will exhibit designers' designs and the jewels they produce.

The latest designs of 2018 are debuted at Istanbul Jewelry Show!
Turkish Jewelry Industry, which recently managed to get rid of its label as the jewelry contract manufacturer in the world, and increased its reputation with unique jewelry designs, is launching trendy designs from the 2018 Fall and Winter jewelry collections for the taste of global jewelry buyers via special shows and promotional activities.

Supported by The Ministry of Economy of Turkish Republic, IMMIB-Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association, Jewelry Exporters’ Association of Turkey (JTR) and KOSGEB, and possessing quality certificate from UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and Quality Management System ISO – 9001 certification, Istanbul Jewelry Show brings together over 47.000 professionals of the sector and over 845 exhibitors from Turkey and the world in a 90.000 sqm venue every year in March and October.


Exhibition Dates and Hours
22 March 2018 – Thursday11.30 - 19.00
23 March 2018 – Friday09.30 - 19.00
24 March 2018 – Saturday09.30 - 19.00
25 March 2018 – Sunday09.30 - 17.00

About UBM RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş.
UBM RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş. is a joint venture of UBM Asia and RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş. Founded in 1985, RotaforteUluslararasıFuarcılık A.Ş., has been organizing the Istanbul International Jewelry, Watch & Equipment Fair (Istanbul Jewelry Show) since 1986. Organized in March and October every year, the exhibitions bring together over 47.000 professionals of the sector and over 845 exhibitors from Turkey and the world in a 90.000 sqm. The exhibitions, which grow in parallel to the growth of the Turkish jewelry industry, offer the best platform to fuel exports in the jewelry industry.

About UBM Asia
UBM Asia, is the biggest exhibition organizer of the Asian continent. With over 290 exhibitions organized in 26 cities in 16 countries, UBM Asia brings together over 2 million professionals of the sector. Providing employment for over 1600 people, UBM Asia also owns 18 online and 28 commercial publications.
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