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Important warning from Feyzullah Aydoğan the Board Chamber of Çağrı Jewelry

14 March 2013 23:04 Kategori Turkey Jewelry

The Banks found a new way for themselves, with the announce that with the aim of decreasing importing gold and current account deficit, the mattress savings of citizens , to gain the gold that is the insurance against all hard days and all sorts of crisis to economy via banks as compulsory response. With the latest organising, it is stated that 22 carats gold coins and republic gold coins that are stamped by General Directorate of Minting and Printing, may be bought and sold in banks. It is permitted to buy and sell republic gold in bank branches like jewelleries with this organising.

When the citizens' savings named mattress are sold and bought again within three months or a year or lent to a friend as loan; the theory of " earning to economy ” ends in nothing. Because, it has already been in economy and contributed to gaining power of social organism. We can see how the loan with profit by the name of credit, damages economy and social structure both in statistics and around us.

Considering the aim of the establishing of the banks and their place in economy, it is clear that banks digress the aim of providing finance for real economy with the beginning of 22 carats gold buying and selling. It is the result of the press that the centres, affecting the market with hot money in global economic system, make out of the banks.
It is understood from the datas of the Central Bank and " Istatistics of Money and Bank” that the banking in our country has been seized by foreigners, though the crisises they increse their profitability over 20 percent. It is important to know Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency implied they decide doing jewelry onto the demands of jewelleries. Because this demand is arouse as an example of unsatisfaction of the global dominant powers over banks, not because of necessity.
As the sector of jewelry develops in our country, we recede from the second line. The rival countries started to seize our markets. In a period that banks are let buy and sell gold and even encouraged, 50 billion jewelries are in a bad way of business, and it will make the business worse. It cannot be estimated banks doing the work of jewelry is an error in terms of both customers and banks. Banks are forced to employ staff member having knowledge of jewelry. The citizens will have to stand in line just for buying a quarter gold coin and when they go to sell, they will see the spread of exchange is higher than jewellery, and also the lack of warm relations with jewelry and customers will have negative effects.
This situation must be considered by Competition Board and banking mustn't digress from their basic tasks. It involves directly a billion and indirectly our people. Preventing unfair trade and the wrong decision about the employment of will be a fair and right decision in terms of supporting real economy and the citizens,

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