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Hoşhanlı, Corporatisation must at government's agenda

02 September 2013 21:18 Kategori Agenda
Erhan Hoşhanlı, the Head of Jewelry Commitee of İstanbul Chamber of Trade; expressed as many government instutions, mint has a structure to be corporatised and many companies, active in the area of gold refinery, may fill a gap in this area easily.

Delaying for some reasons of marketing jewelry product of mint in recent months, brought to mind the question that whether the government, corporatising many economic enterprises, corporatise the mint. The Head of Jewelry Commitee of İstanbul Chamber of Trade Erhan Hoşhanlı, bringing up this topic to the agenda, asserted that the circumstances required for corporatisation is available in our country and gold will be offred to the market with faster production and more affordable price via corporatisation.

From now on; Erhan Hoşhanlı expressed gold refinery companies as NADİR METAL, İAR, ATAKULCHE and ONSA are certified as gold production by international instuties and the bullion, gram gold produced by these companies is current all around the world. "As you know Nadir Metal suceeded big deals as the biggest 19th company in our country. Likewise, the other refinery companies transact with very large budgets. I think these precious companies will meet the production of gold that mint make. Even, I suppose this kind of competition environment will decrease the labour cost of processed gold of jewelry.” he said.

Hoşhanlı marked they aplied to the mint about the topic of production of half of quarter gold jewelry manifacturing but they got no result of the application, but if they were privatised instutions, the views and demands of the market would be considered more, and he continued his speech:

" Our people has the understanding of giving importance of saving gold and seeing gold as an important investment way. In this regard, rising gold costs puts into trouble of buying quarter gold. In fact, mint give way to gram gold without not designing a new product and seeing this process. Today, even if gram gold doesn't reach to high figures as jewelry gold, it is demanded significiantly and known closely.”

Erhan Hoşhanlı stated, Istanbul Chamber of Trade Commitee of Jewelry began negotiations with the various levels of government about the solutions of the problems of the sector and they will share the developments that will happen as a result of these contacts. He also added to his words that they follow closely the legal intervention about the struggle with the selling gold of banks of İKO and they will support to prevent the unfair competition in this topic.

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