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Gold always the best way of investment

27 January 2014 00:09 Kategori Jeweller city

Kerem Özgür, the company manager of Arşa Gold, evaluated the situation of gold due to the Gezi protests lately in the explanation he made to Habergold.com.

Gezi protests, having begun the other day and proceeding in an effective way now, have caused the cost of gold and foreign currency to progress unstably. Till 3 days before, gold was traded at 83 TL, but today it is at 76 TL. Owing to these sudden rise and falls, the investor of gold continues being hesitant… But I think regarding for long term, gold is always the best way of investment…

As Arşa Gold, we state that the people should always invest their money for the investments minimizing their loss and bringing profit mostly. Anyway, almost everybody knows that the best way of investment is jewelry and bracelet… Thanks God, we are in very good working order in this way. In the store we opened in "GRAND BAZAAR” a few months before, everything considering needs, bracelet, jewellery, gram gold, bar gold and currency are all awailable and our sales are going well. In the Ramadan months coming in the following days, we wait for a routine recession but if the costs are keep going on this way, I suppose that there will be mobility in the market.

As Arşa Gold, being a company aiming at always being reformer and looking forward the better, we will continue to tender our different and rare models produced only for you with our sales by retailer and wholesale in the best way.

Discover the mystery of bracelet with ARŞA GOLD…

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