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Future of jewelry sector

29 November 2012 23:50 Kategori Yazarlar

Kenan Görgü

The interest of human being to process ore, has come up to now from the stone age. In general terms, jewelry can be considered as the effort of people to beautify themselves hence the environment they belong to. If we specialize our description; the jewelry is the field of profession which occupy itself with the artistic procession of valuable ores and amalgamations such as gold, silver.

The success of jewelry sector in Turkey has started to show up after 90’s. On the contrary of profession conceptions handed on such as painting, nailing, enameling, designing, today areas of expertise relying on education started to approach today. These expertnesses not only emphasize the importance of education in the point of jewelry sector, but also provide the foresight that the success comes from marketing and quality.

The globalization effect on the world shows itself in the jewelry sector just as all the fields. The competition environment of today, makes it necessary to be able to chase the changing conditions and respond at an equal rate. This quick alteration and development is supported by possibilities provided through technology. The sector transform into big factories from little workshops. The sector needs thinkers, researchers, designers, traditional artisans and qualified workers at the point of matching design with technology. On the purpose of increasing its power at the world market, it needs experienced salespersons on the point of close follow-up.

It becomes an inevitable reality that our jewelry sector is in need of staffs who are educated in their branch. The jewelry profession which came until now through mentor system, at that needs educated individuals in order to compete with the world. Both universities and companies have much to do in this case. The most substantial factor in competing with the sector producing all over the world, is bringing the information and skill to forefront. Today, companies that blend artisans who haven’t lost their occupational spirit with newcomer university graduates, have increased their capability to compete. When we combine the research and development skills of youngsters with the wisdom and experience of our artisans, the jewelry sector will satisfy an important lack. Both our country and our sector must take advantage of this energy ideally.

  ---To be continued....

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