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Fourth Avenue opens till free using Pursuit software

27 October 2012 19:41 Kategori Firmalar
Norwich jewellery retailer Fourth Avenue opened at the end of September with a till-free retail environment.

Pursuit Software’s Lifestyle iPad technology has been used in the jewellery lounge, which sells brands including Pandora and Thomas Sabo, as an alternative to fixed tills.
The Lifestyle system allows till functions to be carried out on staff members’ iPads. This process can help improve the quality of interaction with customers and also staff mobility. Staff can move around the shop and carry out transactions on the spot.

For instance, instead of standing facing each other across a counter, interaction between staff members and customers is designed to take place seated in lounge chairs or on sofas.

By eliminating the need for conventional counters and dispensing with tills, the system can also contribute to creating superior product display.

Pursuit launched the Lifestyle stock selection and sales transaction system earlier in 2012. As well as doing away with tills, it also enables each staff member to carry out all stock information and transaction functions on an iPad.

Pursuit Software managing director Mike Burns said: "With Lifestyle, the point-of-sale – the till – is wherever the customer happens to be in the retail space. Staff members are free to mingle with customers as opposed to having to hover in the proximity of the counter.

"A till-free environment is the obvious way to go. Fourth Avenue represents the new breed of retailer. Being till-free creates opportunities for new concepts in retail environments and with that, new sophistication in sales technique and a sales process with enhanced chances of success.”

Lifestyle can be installed on Apple’s iPad and other comparable devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy, Google’s Nexus 7 and Microsoft’s Surface tablet. The scope of Pursuit’s technology is such that it will be compatible with future generations of tablet devices that are still over the horizon.

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