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Diamond experts to convene at JNA Online Conference on Nov 30

27 October 2012 18:51 Kategori World
The diamond industry will take centre stage as experts tackle key issues facing today’s marketplace at an online conference hosted by Jewellery News Asia (JNA) on November 30 at 4pm (www.en.habergold.com).

Jean-Marc Lieberherr, chief commercial officer – Diamonds at Rio Tinto Diamonds, and Rajesh Lakhani, vice president of Kiran Gems Pvt Ltd will lead the panel of experts at the JNA Online Conference, which is sponsored by the Israel Diamond Institute and Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt Ltd.

Themed "A new era in the diamond industry,” the experts will share valuable insights on how companies are finding innovative ways of navigating the many uncertainties facing their business, and how these companies are turning challenges into opportunities. The experts will also discuss how the shift in global economic power has moved the demand for precious stones eastwards, particularly to China and India.

Tackling mine-to-market issues, the online conference will shed light on various concerns including lack of major deposit discoveries, declining rough supplies, investment, global distribution, marketing and retail.

The panel of experts will delve into the underlying factors and drivers behind the changes in the industry and answer questions such as: What lies ahead and how best should companies prepare for the changes in the industry? What measures should companies take to thrive in today’s challenging, albeit, exciting business environment? What areas present excellent investment opportunities?

Panel of experts
Discussions in the JNA Online Conference will be led by Lieberherr of Rio Tinto Diamonds and Lakhani of Kiran Gems.

Lieberherr joined Rio Tinto Diamonds in September 2005 as general manager of marketing after 15 years in various sales, marketing and general management roles with LVMH and Unilever in Asia and Europe. He has been responsible for the whole diamonds sorting, sales and marketing operation since September 2007, based in Antwerp Belgium. Lieberherr and his team are responsible for sorting and marketing all productions from Rio Tinto’s three diamonds mines. The geographic scope of the sales and marketing activities includes the Antwerp head office, the Mumbai, Hong Kong and New York representative offices, and the Argyle Pink Diamonds business in Perth, Australia.

Lakhani is the vice president of Kiran Gems, the diamond manufacturing arm of the Kiran Group of Companies, which operates 138 specialised production units in Surat and Ahmedabad. The DTC Sightholder processed over 5.7 million carats of rough diamonds last year, which yielded more than 1.6 million carats of polished goods. The company has a 31,000-strong workforce and owns 1,000,000 square feet of factory space where it manufactures polished diamonds. Kiran is the largest manufacturer of white diamonds in the below 1.5-carat category.

Free registration
The JNA Online Conference is an event not to be missed. Participants will have the opportunity to hear insights from experts who will share their knowledge and perspective, and engage in open-minded discussions about the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. The online conference will also help participants sharpen their business’ competitive edge by providing the latest developments in the diamond and jewellery sectors.
The JNA Online Conference, which can be accessed remotely on November 30 at 4pm (Hong Kong time), is a free event. It will be open for registration in the coming days. Check out www.en.habergold.com in the coming days for additional details.

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