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Catherine Jones hosts an exceptional exhibition of platinum dresses and award-winning platinum jewellery

27 October 2012 19:26 Kategori Wedding world
Catherine Jones Jewellery will be co-hosting a prestigious event showcasing two remarkable platinum dresses and a collection of exceptional, award winning platinum jewellery.The platinum wedding dress and cocktail dress are woven in the finest platinum and silk thread while the jewellery pieces are winners of Lonmin's Design Innovation Award. These exceptional pieces are loaned by Platinum Guild International.

The dresses are being flown in from Italy where the technique of turning platinum into a thread for weaving was developed and where the dresses were designed. The platinum thread was combined with silk and woven into manageable 'fabric' in Japan by a company that is a world expert in weaving silk.'The work being loaned to us by Platinum Guild International is of world quality and design,' said Vanessa Burkitt, MD of Catherine Jones Jewellery. 'It is a privilege to be able to show these extraordinary pieces at such an exclusive and prestigious event.'The exhibit will be shown at a VIP event co-hosted by Marshalls Jaguar - the car-maker makes the Jaguar Platinum model - and sponsored by Club 12A who will create and prepare a special Platinum Punch for the evening. 

The event is generously supported by Marshalls Aerospace. Marshalls Airport and ExecuJet, Cambridge.Peter Muffett, General Manager at Marshall Motor Group, said, 'It is most unusual to combine fine jewellery with fine motor cars and precision engineering but platinum is a metal that is essential to both industries. And I had never known that platinum could be woven to make a dress. We are looking forward to the hosting the evening and working with other parts of the Marshall Group and other prestige businesses'.Vanessa Burkitt said, 'We are immensely grateful to Sir Michael Marshall and to the different divisions of the Marshall Group for their support and interest in this exceptional exhibit.'Current and past winners of the Design Innovation Award will be showing collections of their platinum jewellery. 

They will include Sarah Jordan, Fei Liu, James Newman and possibly Sarah Ho and Tom Rucker. The work of Andrew Geoghegan, Vincent van Hees from Holland and Ursula Scholz and Niessing from Germany will also be on display to try and buy.Vanessa Burkitt said, 'This will be a sumptuous collection and each designer has an individual, distinctive inspiration and design signature.'Sarah Jordan is a very special friend to Catherine Jones Jewellery and to Catherine herself, who passed away just before Christmas. They worked closely together over many years and had both a high regard and great affection for each other. Sarah has designed and made a unique piece pendant in platinum and diamonds, in Catherine's memory, which we will auction for the benefit of the Catherine Jones Foundation (registered charity) with bidding starting on the evening of the event.Catherine was born in India as was her father and it was where he died when she was a tiny child. She always had a yearning for the place and for her lost father. 

The focus of the work of the Catherine Jones Foundation is to build schools in India and to educate children who, otherwise, would have no future.Mathew Burkitt, Co-Trustee of the Catherine Jones Foundation said, 'We are very touched by Sarah's generous work in creating a unique platinum pendant in Catherine's memory and we thank the Platinum Guild for donating the platinum to make it. There are 117 million homeless and destitute children in India so there is a great deal of work to do.'Mark Peters from Star Radio will be MC - he will have the onerous task of describing the platinum dresses worn by two special models.
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