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Br Mar-Sel adapted the pleasures of life to the art of silver

31 October 2012 23:23 Kategori Companies

We visited the stand of "Br Mar-Sel” which has adapted the art of silver to the pleasures of life, glittering with its acordance with fashion. Boğos Yiğit, Chair of Board of Br Mar- Sel Jewellery Limited Company gave speech to Habergold.com. " Fair is going on well, we are all pleased. We rely on our products as company. In the coming days, we will bewilder our customers with our surprising and brand new product collections. We have predominantly done business on Europe, and we turned into the work of silver than gold.”


Could you mention abuout yourself briefly, please?

I have been doing this job since 76. I suppose I have been known well in this area.


What is your business on?

We started with jewellery and turned to gold. In recent years, we produce heavily good silver.


Have you participated the fair for the first time?

No, I have taken part in so many times.


How is the fair going?

So good for me. Our customer portfolio is extremely qualified.


Are your customers from Anatolia?

From abroad, we work on exporting our products mostly.


Generally which countries do you work with?

We run business generally with European countries.


If we compare with previous fairs, how is this fair going on?

We cannot compare with the Fair on March, it was more intense but this fair is not so bad. It has started to renew itself. Very well. Excellent. I suppose that We are in the right point. Perhaps because of that, it gives hope, I have no idea. It may also be about the works.


What are your plans for the near future?

Our course of action is very good, we think about very good things. We have some plans that will sound soon. We will make great sound in either our products or exporting.


Finally, what are your advices for your customers?

My advice to our customers is to follow innovations and also to follow us. They will see that they will always reach qualified products faster. Our prices will really become bewildering.

Thank you.

Thanks, and you too.

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