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Ateş, to develop the designment cooperation required

29 September 2013 18:48 Kategori Jeweller city
Aynur Ateş, graduated from the Marmara University Vocational School and being in the sector of jewelry for years, is a precious designer. She has been carrying on business in Jewelry City since 2007 and working with abroad and special customers. She evaluated many topics from the understanding of designment in Turkey to the condition of the market for Habergold.com. She emphasized the importance of designment and modelling and added;
The point to Carry the Sector into the Forefront is Designment

Desingment is the backbone of the sector. Everything begins with it and continues with three dimensional modelling. Companies must be aware of this and change their understanding of designment and designer. Companies block our development via killing our values as having materialistic and selfish attitude. Whereas the point to carry the sector and our country into the forefront is designment, the policies of decreasing cost being applied to designer damage the sector and us very much. People must be conscious and trained in this topic.”
New Union and Constitutions are Required
"In this condition, we, the designers, effect this. Although we follow the same goals, we work unaware of eachother. To change the matters we complain is at our hands. We have to act in concert and cooperation. From this view, new unions and associations are required.”
Workload Increases but Costs Decrease pleas
"Currently, the workload in the market increases but costs decrease. The condition is not so pleasant.”

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