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As sector, we set aside imitation, we even catch Italy

17 February 2013 22:01 Kategori Firmalar
Ahmet Duran Güdücü, one of the shareholders of Toprak Jewellery, working on jewelry for about 28 years and going on doing business since 1993 with four shareholders and now with three shareholders made some explanations for Habergold.com. " We founded Toprak Jewelry limited company with four friends in 1993. We have been working with two friends.”
Generally, we majored on accessories, jewelry. We desing and produce sleeve buttons, tie pins namely jewellery to combine with clothes. These may be gold, silver or platinum, or any other metal; we can embroider everything metal.” he said and continued his speech: "We were in the Grand Bazaar formerly and came in Jewelry City in 2005. Here is our own property. We were trading in a 50 square meters area. But now we are working in 150 square meters area.”


On the other hand, we have some advantages and disadvantages for coming here in Jewelry City. We may cite that they balance eachother. The disadvantages are costs are high, revenues are high and to be honest these make us think by unemployement... Also, I don't think Jewelry City been promoted properly. As an owner of a company, I believe promoting Jewelry City will be benefical for all firm owners. But the first thing coming into my mind, it may be promoted in foreign fairs. Representatives may be sent to our target countries, and they may invited here. In the name of promotion, companies may be brought by arranging free of charge flight and hotel...

In addition, we export as a company. Now, our export is a bit creaky... Thus we headed to domeslic market. Now, we don't have exportation. Previously, we export to Greece, England, America, Dubai and small counries in Europe...
Currently, letup is point at use due to the crisis in the world, so we head to domestic market. We try to manifacture and sell products appropriate to domestic market.
We have a nice market, come towards Italy, now we catch their level, we can manifacture as they manifacture. We have our own designers, we set aside imitation. We began to produce our own products. We have procuction almost at par, near degree with Italy. Our market is an imported market in the name of our counry. We may turn this market to gain by advertisement and promotion smartly on behalf of our country and artisans. Authorized should smooth a path for our artisans by paying attention to these subjects...” he said.


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