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Turkish Ser Diamond and Italian Ferrarifirenze Companies have collaborated

07 September 2014 20:35 Kategori Jeweller city

Ser Diamond has decided to cooperate with Italian Ferrrarifirenze firm, Mr. Yakup Alpdoğan who is the owner of Ser Diamond and Ilaria Furlotti, the owner of İtalian Company Ferrarifirenze met in Ser Diamond Company İn İstanbul/Turkey.

Mrs. Furlotti gave an explanation to Abdulvahap Filiz, Editor in chief of Habergold.com that has publishing Turkish, English and Arabic in 3 languages.

Besides, Mrs. Ilaria Furlotti said, "I am very happy to meet Ser Diamond in Turkey. We decided to enter ourselves jewellery markets in our countries. And In the exhibitions we will be together both of countries.


Who is Ferrarifirenze company?

Inspired by italian architecture and haute couture, FerrariFirenze's boutique factory is settled among Tuscany's greenest hills to the south of Florence. İmpeccable design, sense of humor, grace and taste... together these define FerrariFirenze's spirit of beauty. FerrariFirenze's craftsmen work precious meterials like fabric, twist gold like a thread, and apply stones like tassels.

This Italian boutique factory it's renowned for its unique pieces, each of them with an extraordinary story to tell-a love wish, a secret gift, a family adventure...

This is why in our factory there is no limit to customization. Simple elegance for everyday pieces or dashing design for extraordinary evenings, our craftsmen's hands will slowly bring to life every wish for beauty.

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